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Blue Pacific Solutions is an engineering consulting company providing services such as Smart Engineering Solutions, Business Plan & Feasibility Study, Engineering Design, Evaluation, Project Planning & Control, Project Management, integrated reporting and Product Consultancy in the following fields:

By considering our client’s commercial and financial objectives as top priority and adopting a policy of complete transparency and professional integrity we have consistently surpassed our client’s expectations and delivered high quality projects, on time and within budget, while offering a positive return on their client’s investments. This philosophy allows Blue Pacific to establish and maintain an amicable working relationship with their clients and ensure total client satisfaction.




Our Smart Engineering Solutions, help businesses to build competitiveness and differentiation through adoption of next generation technologies.
Smart engineering solutions help businesses remain globally competitive by continuously improving performance, reducing costs and boosting quality, security and safety in a value chain that is becoming ever more complex.


Blue Pacific design team has extensive experience in formulating network designs to facilitate client objectives.
Our team of design specialists analyzes the collected field data and uses it as the basis for a custom design.
Our designs have a superior attention to detail and a clear focus on providing the most efficient path to permitting and construction.


Project evaluation is a process of collecting and analyzing information in order to understand the progress, success, and effectiveness of a project.
The purpose of any evaluation is to provide information for actions such as decision-making, strategic planning and program modification. A good evaluation should be inclusive, honest, replicable and should have rigorous methods.


Business Plan And Feasibility Study are two key factors for starting a business.Blue Pacific has several different professionals to contribute to the study, such as entrepreneurs who have opened successful businesses, accountants and realtors who advise on the worth of the location and pricing, comparing similar businesses in the area. Generally, such studies are done before technical development and project implementation.


Project Planning and control, are management functions that seek to determine: first, what market demands are stating and second, reconcile how a company can fill those demands through planning and monitoring.
Planning is required for day-to-day processes, like scheduling, dispatch inspection, quality assessment, inventory control, supply and equipment management.
Control ensures that the execution of those items is done optimally, both in terms of cost savings and efficiency.


The aim of project management is to achieve specific project objectives in accordance with the acceptance criteria within agreed parameters by applying processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience.
For your complex projects or projects that involve numerous stakeholders,using a project management service to lead the initiative and keep everyone on the same page is critical to project success.


Our Integrated Reporting service helps you to bring together material information about an organization's strategy, governance, performance and prospects in a way that reflects the commercial, social and environmental context within which it operates. It leads to a clear and concise articulation of your value creation story which is useful and relevant to all stakeholders.


Count on the Blue Pacific experts as your comprehensive solution to get your products to market, faster than ever before. Get on-demand expertise to accelerate your product design and market launch, access global markets, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. Our consultants are available when you need them, whatever your need.
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©️2022 BLUE PACIFIC SOLUTIONS – All Rights Reserved. | Powered by bayan.design
©️2022 BLUE PACIFIC SOLUTIONS – All Rights Reserved.
Powered by bayan.design