Blue Pacific Sloutions develops, designs, builds, and arrange financing for projects that save energy, reduce energy costs, and decrease operations and maintenance costs at their customers’ facilities. 

With focus on safe, reliable power supply, high power quality and optimized cost of energy, we operate and maintain the hybrid energy power plant solutions. We have the engineering knowhow, experience, reference list, power plant execution capability and the balance sheet to backup executing and financing significant projects.

We are dedicated to designing and delivering energy projects for 100% renewable energy penetration.

Today it is essential to be able to produce electricity from so-called renewable resources. Renewable power is booming as innovation brings down costs and starts to deliver on the promise of a clean energy future. Solar and wind generation are breaking records and being integrated into the national electricity grid without compromising reliability.

This means that renewables are increasingly displacing “dirty” fossil fuels in the power sector, offering the benefit of lower emissions of carbon and other types of pollution. The world’s energy future is being shaped by the dual challenge of climate change and growing demand for electricity, with renewable energies set to play a crucial role in this new environment.

To become responsible for a cleaner environment means taking these realities into account by investing heavily in renewables, and particularly in solar and wind energy that are abundant, clean, flexible, efficient and competitive.

Blue Pacific Solutions feasibility study services in the field of RENEWABLE ENERGIES  includes the following:

  • Feasibility Study for Active and Passive Technologies
  • Feasibility study on biomass to energy projects
  • Feasibility Study for Geothermal Energy Technologies
  • Waste management master plan studies
  • Feasibility Study in wind power energy
  • Power quality study
  • Feasibility Study in Technical, Environmental, Costs & Capital, Simulation of produced power, Engineering (conceptual & detail design), Construction & Commissioning of Expansion turbines and Documentation

Blue Pacific Solutions engineering design services in the field of RENEWABLE ENERGIES includes the following:

  • Process Equipment Design, Analysis & Optimization
  • Conceptual and detail design of biomass to energy projects
  • Pre-Design of wind power Sites
  • Pre-Design of solar farms
  • Design of P &I diagrams
  • Design of power evacuation system
  • Design / Sizing and specification of Electrical equipments
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